What to see in Sarteano: itinerary between the Castle and the Etruscans

What to see in Sarteano: itinerary between the Castle and the Etruscans

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sarteano cosa vedere
Sarteano, a view
In Val di Chiana Senese, a walk through the alleys of Sarteano, ‘bandiera arancione’ of Touring club. What to see in a relaxing tuscan medieval village.

I arrived in Sarteano surrounded by the sun of a late summer day.

A very hot day, for many.

But I love exploring a place when I think I find it less crowded; maybe it gives me the impression of being able to listen to it better.

Who would venture into a sunny Tuscan village on an afternoon at the end of August?

Few people, but those few have been lucky.

Sarteano rises up in the hills, with a network of delightful alleys that pass the light breath of the breeze with each other.

A fresh company that has accompanied my slow steps to discover the views of the village.

And this kind simplicity is the sensation I absorbed in Sarteano.

castello sarteano orari
Sarteano: Castle and village


sarteano cosa vedere
Sarteano during the ‘Giostra del Saracino’


WHAT TO SEE IN SARTEANO: the Castle, the Palaces, the Theatre,  the alleys

Between the Val di Chiana and the Val d’Orcia, Sarteano enjoys a position with wonderful panoramic views: from Monte Cetona to soft hills covered in woods.

The historic center is dominated by the silhouette of the  fifteenth-century castle, which can be visited with a beautiful roundabout.

castello sarteano orari
Sarteano castle


Sarteano preserves the two Umbrian Doors and valuable historical buildings. The trace of the Piccolomini family is found in the Church of San Francesco. Harmonic lines and the family crest recall the facade of the Duomo of Pienza.

The Palazzo del Podestà, with its elegant mullioned windows, overlooks the main square.

sarteano cosa vedere
Sarteano, Fanelli Palace


sarteano cosa vedere
Sarteano, reaching the Castle


Palazzo Gabrielli houses the Archaeological Museum of Sarteano. Make sure you book a visit to the Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga: it dates back to the 4th century BC and is still able to amaze thanks to the colors of his paintings!

The cultural soul of Sarteano finds expression in the New Academy of the Arrischianti, a company that shows in the eighteenth-century Theater.

In the upper part of the village, I discreetly discover the convent of Santa Chiara, an open door makes me peek into a garden with a cozy atmosphere, today an exclusive residence.

Sarteano’s story unfolds among its alleys, I caress the medieval stones of the houses. I hope that the story of the newspaper will whisper, a fragment of a sign, a shy look behind a window.

Crumbs to be patiently gathered along the promenade and preserve as the precious echo of an ancient world.

Sarteano, gently Tuscany.

sarteano cosa vedere
Sarteano and the ‘Giostra del Saracino’




The surroundings of Sarteano are rich in archaeological evidence.

The past of this area is imbued with the mysterious Etruscan culture. The necropolis of the Palazzina, the streets Cupe, the necropolis of Pianacce with the Tomb of the Infernal Quadriga, the underground tombs in the woods of Molin Canale.

It is here that we must look for our roots.

I try to imagine what an Etruscan must try, in these woods he wanted to preserve what he had most sacred: his ancestors.

The humid air in the trees, the silence of the evening, the song of the birds that comes down from above like little drops.. the wood was the house.

I head towards Castiglioncello sul Trinoro: notice to the sailors, you will fall in love with this place.

A small village curled up on itself, recovered as a widespread hotel, with a romantic deconsecrated church where concerts and priceless patrimony are held: a view of the Val d’Orcia to be left speechless.

Go there at sunset and slowly abandon yourself to this silent poem.

sarteano cosa vedere
Sarteano, a poetic alley
sarteano cosa vedere
Sarteano, the village door


To book the visit at Tomb of Infernal Quadriga.


sarteano cosa vedere
Sarteano, detail



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