Trekking from Pienza to Monticchiello: the path of ‘Latte di Luna’

Trekking from Pienza to Monticchiello: the path of ‘Latte di Luna’

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trekking pienza
tuscan hills and Pienza
Trekking in Val d’Orcia, from Pienza to Monticchiello, the path of Latte di Luna.

Where does the soul of a place hide?

In the villages, in the stones placed on human hands and polished by history?

Not only.

The sap of the Val d’Orcia branches off into the plot of its paths.

From historical and important routes such as the Via Francigena to the paths traveled by farmers in everyday life.

The white powder that covered their clothes, you have to feel it on.

The climb under the sun, the rows of cypress trees to indicate the road.

The stops to fill the eyes with the landscape, a marvel.

It is among the folds of these hills, looking for the biancane that you will find something precious.

The Genius Loci.

Go along the Val d’Orcia on foot, slowly, with the gentle rhythm that its beauty requires.

Stroke it with your eyes, breathe it.

Only then will his soul be also a piece inside you.

trekking pienza
sweet hills
trekking pienza
Path of ‘Latte di Luna’

trekking pienza



The path can be reached by exiting from the south gate of Pienza, Porta al Ciglio.

‘Latte di Luna’: why this evocative name?

Probably it came from popular imagination.

Once this area was characterized by the presence of clayey mammals. Imagine you looking at them with the eyes of a farmer many years ago, on a full moon night: the whiteness of the clay that shines under the light of the moon, the suggestion that increases to the point where the milk gushes.

In the peasant and pagan culture, milk and the moon had something magical, sacred. Milk, a liquid which life depends on. The Moon, able to influence crops.

We bring with us some of this magic as we travel along the way.

trekking pienza
‘calanchi’ view

trekking pienza

The road is not flat, but rises and falls, touching Lucignanello (a fortified farm, today private). Pienza becomes small behind you, and you start to look at the destination, Monticchiello.

The road goes down to the Casalpiano farmhouse, where it crosses the path of the ‘via Barlettaia’.

Take a breath because it begins the climb to Monticchiello, two kilometers to conquer one step after another.

The gaze collects the bright light of the meadows, the dark shapes of the cypress trees and takes heart with the shape of the Amiata.

Finally the Porta di Monticchiello, finally a well deserved break on the benches facing the Val d’Orcia.

From here it will be yours

And inside of you.

trekking pienza
Trekking Latte di Luna, landscape view

trekking pienza

trekking pienza
trekking pienza
Monticchiello, a bench and the unforgettable panorama

trekking pienza



Start from Pienza, and exit from Porta al Ciglio. Cross the asphalt street and take the white road on the left.

Arrival in Monticchiello, after an hour and a half

I suggest you to wear sneakers and bring with you a bottle of water.

trekking pienza



When you are in Pienza, you can visit:

  • the Pienza Dome, which is a astronomical calendar, you can visit also the Cathedral basement
  • il The Palazzo Borgia Museum, con pregevoli esempi della pittura medievale senese e il piviale di Pio II
  • the Palazzo Piccolomini and its roof garden with an amazing view to the Val d’Orcia
  • the Pieve di Corsignano, a little church in Romanesque style, full of symbols, it can be reached on foot from Pienza



In Monticchiello you’ll find a surprise, a particular museum: Tepotratos..



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