The San Gimignano Civic Museum: a casket of art

The San Gimignano Civic Museum: a casket of art

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san gimignano sala dante
Dante hall,  galloping Knight
How to visit the civic museum of San Gimignano: masterpieces of the fourteenth-century painting,the chivalrous frescos of the town hall, a stunning art gallery .. a stop not to be missed for all art lovers.

By now I should be used to it.

I’ve been  living in Tuscany for years and I know that this area dappled with simple stone villages, hides treasures of great value in the folds of its history.

But every time Tuscany knows how to find the charm in me.

San Gimignano is a village known all over the world, very touristy thanks to its fame.

Well .. it’s a well-deserved fame! Here we are not in front of a place emptied of its meaning, there is so much art here, and it makes resound the name of San Gimignano so far.

Every step brings me closer to wonder.
San Gimignano, noble crests in the courtyard of the Town Hall


After crossing the internal courtyard frescoed with the coats of arms of noble families, climbing the stairs you enter the Sala del Consiglio, better known as Sala di Dante.

This room owes its name to the stay of the Supreme Poet, who arrived in San Gimignano as ambassador of the Florentine Republic.

Sala di Dante is wonderful: time seems to stop in front of the chivalric-themed frescoes painted by Azzo di Masetto.

I close my eyes and seems to hear the gallop of the Knights coming so far in everyday life, so close, here, in the heart of San Gimignano.

Also in the same room, the fresco by Lippo Memmi face up in a show of splendor: the Majesty of 1317, is inspired by the one painted by Simone Martini at the Palazzo Pubblico di Siena.

On the right of the throne of the Madonna, kneeling, you see the Client of this work: it is Nello di Mino Tolomei, Podestà of San Gimignano.

san gimignano sala dante
Civic Museum, Sala di Dante and chivraldic-theme frescoes
san gimignano sala dante
Civic Museum, the Majesty of Lippo Memmi


The Civic Museum of San Gimignano: the Pinacoteca

On the second floor, the art gallery continues to show off some of the most beautiful examples of Sienese and Florentine painting between the 14th and 15th centuries.

Here you will find the gold color.

It is what surrounds San Gimignano, painted by Taddeo di Bartolo while holding in his hands the city that bears his name.

It is said that San Geminiano had saved the city by appearing on its walls during a barbarian attack, chasing them off.

pala di san gimignano
San Gimignano holding in his hands the city
san gimignano benozzo gozzoli
Benozzo Gozzoli painting

San Gimignano hidden gem: the ‘Camera del Podestà’

In one single camera there is the most curious fresco of the museum: it is about “positives andnegatives outcomes of a young man’s loving initiation ” painted by Memmo di Filippuccio.

It is not common to find cycles of frescoes that are not religious or warlike, while this not only depicts scenes of everyday life, even moments … hot!

Museo Civico, Camera del Podestà
Civic Museum, Camera del Podestà


Civic Museum, hot moment fresco!



Musei Civici di San Gimignano – Palazzo Comunale

Piazza Duomo , 2

Info ticket and visiting hoours read more

The admission ticket is cumulative and also includes access to the Torre Grossa. Take your breath away and face the Tower’s climb: the view is worth the effort!



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