Murlo, where the Etruscans live

Murlo, where the Etruscans live

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Murlo etruschi
Murlo, glimpse of the village


Murlo hosts the beautiful archeological museum of Poggio Civitate, full of etruscan finds. There is als a man with a mysterious hat. 

How are you small Murlo.

You observe the time from your hill, joining the stones to the memories, sink the firm roots in your mysterious past.

Deep roots and deep research to find in the excavations a trace also impressed on the faces of your inhabitants.

Murlo, your campaigns held the rare testimony of Poggio Civitate, a non-funeral Etruscan site.

The Etruscans had chosen you as their home, to celebrate life.

The Etruscans, even today, look at you through the living eyes of their descendants, the inhabitants of Murlo.

Murlo etruschi
Murlo etruschi
Antiquarium of Poggio Civitate



Murlo can be visited with a short walk. Few steps to delight yourself with its views and to go back hundreds of years.

The Episcopal Palace hosts the materials found at Poggio Civitate.

Once it was not called that way, the shepherds of Murlo called it the Treasury Plan. This is because the rain discovered strange remains and in a hole, it was said, a golden calf was found.

The archaeologist Bandinelli, in 1926 listened to the shepherds, sensing the importance of the area. In the subsequent excavations of the 1960s, the remains of a noble palace emerged, built between the 7th and 6th centuries A.C. .

Roofing elements were found. This is thanks to the care with which the Etruscans buried these decorative elements, as if to preserve them.

Murlo etruschi
Poggio Civitate
Murlo etruschi


The stately building was flanked by an artisanal crockery workshop.

The figures of the orientalizing palace are something wonderful: real and fantastic animals, a great winged sphinx show the link between the archaic culture and this Etruscan center.

The long band with the horses running, the clatter of their hooves from the past reaches you that you are admiring them today.

Murlo etruschi
frieze with running knights
Murlo etruschi
Antiquarium, finds
Murlo etruschi
Poggio Civitate, finds


The most particular statue is a seated man, with a long beard and a big hat that today reminds us of those of the ‘cowboy’.

Who was him? And why did he have this hat?

Was he a nobleman or a healer?

Professor Formigli‘s hypothesis is based on the comparison of Murlo’s ‘cappellone’ with a gold fibula from Cuma. On this fibula the Formigli recognized a similarity between a circular decoration and the chapel of Murlo.

With one difference: on the fibula the hood is accompanied by two snakes. In oriental cultures, especially in Syria, the snake symbolized thaumaturgical powers.

Did the seated man have a snake in his hands and was a healer?

Murlo etruschi
the man with big hat ‘Cappellone’



One aspect that excited me during the visit of the museum was to see the old photos that portray the inhabitants of Murlo side by side with the archaeologists.

The sweaty faces, the proud looks to bring to light the testimony of their distant past.

But is it really so far?

A team from the University of Turin has studied the DNA of the native inhabitants of Murlo and has come to the conclusion that it contains traces of Etruscan DNA!

But it is enough to superimpose the eyes and the smiles to realize it, an incredible testimony of the love of these people for their land.

They never abandoned it completely, giving life, century after century, the root of the past.

Murlo etruschi
the inhabitants of MurloMurlo etruschi

Murlo, display Blu Etrusco


Every year, Murlo and other cities of Etruscan origin celebrate their culture with the Blue Etruscan Festival.

The program is full of events, I advise you to take the agenda and write it down!

There are outdoor museum tours, Etruscan weaving workshops, concerts and tastings to introduce you to the wonderful Etruscan culture.

Knowing the tuscan roots is something exciting, which touches the heart.

Murlo etruschi
etruscan find: the chariot and the lily
Murlo etruschi
etruscan bronzes



Antiquarium di Poggio Civitate

Piazza della Cattedrale, 4 – Murlo

visiting hours

Festival Blu Etrusco

festival programme

Murlo etruschi
Murlo, an ancient well
Murlo etruschi
Archeological museum of Murlo, the entrance

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