Capri in a day: what to do

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capri italy

Capri, Faraglioni


Some suggestions about what to do and see in a day in Capri


Capri, for me, is the color blue.

It is impressed in my memory: the intense blue of its sea.

I saw it from above, from a shady terrace of Anacapri, crouched at the edge of the cliff.

Capri, so well known in the world ( Italy? Capri! ) it is, first of all, an island.

So as an island, I wanted to see it.

Before sneaking into the centre of Capri, through the streets full of high fashion, among the people gathered to make a souvenir photo.

I wanted it to talk to me with its ancient language.

That perfumed of sea foam.

capri italy

Capri, l’Azzurro da un belvedere di Anacapri



From Marina Grande leave boat trips to Grotta Azzurra and to the discovery of the island.

I chose to see the whole island from the sea.

The sheer rock, the Mediterranean scrub, the hidden villas, the majesty of the Faraglioni that stand out almost unreal in the waves.

Tradition wants that those who exchange a kiss passing under the arch of Faraglione will always be in love.

capri italy

Capri, l’Arco del Faraglione di mezzo

capri italy

Capri, l’azzurro del mare nelle grotte marine


What to see in Capri: Anacapri and its Villas

With a small bus, from the port of Capri, in a few minutes, you can reach Anacapri, for a quiet walk.

I recommend to enjoy the view from Axel Munthe which leads to Villa San Michele. Continuing on, there is a beautiful panoramic viewpoint of the sea, to fill eyes with an unforgettable blue.

There are two villas to visit

Villa San Michele, home of Azel Munthe who built it realizing a dream and he left it to the Swedish State; in addition to the locations with original furnishings, the garden can be visited, which take part of the “Grandi giardini italiani” circuit.

Casa Rossa in Via Giuseppe Orlandi, its pompeian red stikes one immediately. The Villa dates back to  late ‘800 and it was built in an eclectic style by Colonel MacKowen; today it houses a collection of paintings of the island.

capri italy

Capri, giardino di Villa San Michele

capri italy

Anacapri, La Casa Rossa


You can not say that you have seen Capri, without stopping in its ‘Piazzetta’, the most famous square of the island. A souvenir photo in the square will also be obvious, but I challenge anyone to resist not to have it.

For shopaholics, there will be plenty of choice among the many high fashion showcases.

But I easily give in to the throat, and I went in search of the Buonocore ice cream shop.

The particularity of this ice cream shop, as well as in the excellent ice creams and in the specialty Caprilù (almond and lemon paste cakes), lies in the fact that they prepare the ice cream wafer at the moment, before your eyes.

Now yes, you can return to the square: the view is more beautiful while enjoying a delicious ice cream!

capri italy

Capri, barche all’imbrunire

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